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Working With Us

Upon hiring a Colorado Legal Group attorney, our process helps get you through your case in the best way possible – with the best outcomes, lowest cost, and least amount of emotional stress.

Our Process

What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Once you retain our firm, your attorney will schedule an initial client meeting with you. The main objective of this meeting is to identify the outcomes you want to achieve in your case. We will begin to identify any legal issues that present in your case, assess your assets and debts, and identify information that we will need to be gathered.

When attending your first meeting, please bring a list or copies of statements for your marital assets (house, car, retirement, etc.) and debts (house, car, credit cards, etc.).

Our Process

What to Bring and Not Bring to Future Meetings

When you have a scheduled office appointment with either your attorney or our staff, it is important to be prepared to discuss the issues that are the topic of the meeting. As part of resolving your case, your attorney will request that you provide certain information as your case progresses.

We believe that children should not be involved, in any way, in divorce proceedings unless ordered by the court. Nor should they ever be put in position to choose one parent over the other. For those reasons, we also think that it is inappropriate for children to attend any office meetings or be left alone waiting in the lobby. If you have an attorney meeting, please make arrangements for child care.

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Your Legal Team

Your team consists of your attorney, your paralegal, and sometimes a legal assistant. You may also work with our front desk and accounting teams. Our team concept means that we work to complete multiple and concurrent tasks on your case, in the most expedient and cost-effective manner.

Your attorney will engage in activities such as office and telephone conferences, court appearances, research, review and finalization of pleadings, negotiations, and other preparation for your case, which are generally done in your absence.

Typical paralegal tasks include maintaining both your physical and electronic files, preliminary preparation of certain documents, correspondence, file transmittals to appropriate parties, and obtaining the information that is critical to settling your case or bringing your case to trial.

Our Process

How to Most Effectively Communicate With Your Attorney

The number one complaint about law firms in the United States, as reported by the American Bar Association is, “My attorney never calls me back.” We have developed a communication system that allows us to communicate with our clients as efficiently as possible.

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Time Blocking

We use a time management technique called “time blocking.” Blocks of time are reserved for pre-scheduled phone calls, working on cases, and court appearances.

This technique allows our team to work uninterrupted on the task at hand. It also means that it is unlikely that your attorney will take an unscheduled phone call. Why? Because they may simply not have all the relevant facts on hand when they take a call out of the blue and would need to get back to you.

Start With Your Paralegal

Your paralegal can often answer both process and status questions about your case. If not, your paralegal can obtain that information and update you or schedule you for a phone call with your attorney to discuss the issue.

E-Mail & Question Batching

The most efficient way for you to communicate with your attorney is through email. It allows your attorney to gather information necessary to address your issues, and be flexible in responding to you.

In addition, if you “batch your questions” (sending one email with multiple questions you need answered), rather than sending multiple emails with one or two questions, it will be easier and more efficient for your attorney to provide you with the information you need.

Our Process

What to Expect on Your Bi-Monthly Bill

You will receive a billing statement from our firm shortly after the 1st and the 15th of every month. We do this to keep you up to date on what has happened in your case and work we have been performing and to help you stay on top of your legal fees.

Your bill will list the services provided, how much you were charged, the amount of your remaining retainer, and whether you need to replenish your retainer. Please pay attention to whether a replenishment payment toward your retainer is required and make that payment as soon as possible.

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Provide Information In a Timely, Organized Manner

For example, delivering a large box of unorganized documents may be easier for you, but it will create more work for our staff, attorneys, and ultimately result in more legal fees.

Ask Your Paralegal First

Your paralegal bills at a lower hourly rate and can often answer your questions or provide the information you need.

Stay Focused on Stated Outcomes

We know this is a difficult and distracting time. Use the outcomes you determine at your first meeting to always remain on task.

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