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Many say they are the best but very few can actually deliver on that promise. This is why we are transparent with our reviews and let the people we have represented, represent us.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Joe was very competent and efficient handling my case
Brian Bristol Avatar
Brian Bristol
Paige Gleason is a fantastic attorney. Not only does she get great results, she also truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend hiring her if you have a divorce and/or custody case.
Michael Petrash Avatar
Michael Petrash
Hell hath no fury and Colorado Legal group, specifically attorney Paige Gleeson, has been more than incredibly supportive and productive in my divorce process. My ex-wife managed to put one of the most well established mediators in the Denver area into retirement during our negotiations... and this isn't a joke. Paige and team managed to help me survive this thrive through my divorce, hearing, negotiations, etc. to ensure the best possible outcomes under the circumstances. Colorado Legal Group (and Paige) assisted in ensuring the 50/50 custody of my children and assets, and provided piece of mind during one of the most difficult processes any of us can encounter. I give my endorsement and confidence in this organization and it's people.
Chris Mallonee Avatar
Chris Mallonee
If there was a problem they made it right?
Raylen Ormsbee Avatar
Raylen Ormsbee
I could not have made a better choice for legal representation! Paige and Roberta were a pleasure to work with from the beginning. Through the entire process, their communication was great. They first helped me understand the process and what to expect. Throughout the process they included me in all decisions, made sure I understood before making the decision, and always had my best interest. Most importantly, the overall outcome exceeded my expectations. I would 10/10 recommend using Paige Gleason and Colorado Legal Group!
T Hays Avatar
T Hays
Colorado Legal Group is the best Law Firm in the Denver area. They handled my case efficiently and effectively, I could not recommend them more.
Matt Dragoo Avatar
Matt Dragoo
Excellent service and good results as expected.
Huu Lu Avatar
Huu Lu
Colorado Legal Group is Denver’s premier divorce and family law firm. They are a preferred partner of Stroll Hilltop and we recommend them!
Krista Palmer Avatar
Krista Palmer
Hannah and her team are very knowledgeable, professional and yet also compassionate. They helped everything go smoothly and made sure all details were taken care of. They were all very responsive and they truly cared about me and my situation personally. I am very grateful to have worked with them through this process.
Courtney Avatar
Amazing! We utilized Kelsey and the team at Colorado Legal Group for help getting custody of our daughter. Her mother had custody (I’m the stepmom) and she wanted to move in with us. Long story short, it wasn’t a healthy environment for her and Kelsey and her team fought hard to get her with us permanently. They listened to what we wanted and did exactly that. Highly recommend this incredible, knowledgeable staff! They deliver results. They’re also quick to respond with questions or concerns and able to walk you through the issues. Thank you Kelsey and team!!!!
Julie Bloodgood Avatar
Julie Bloodgood
Divorce is hard...on everyone involved. if I've learned one thing in my 40 years and one divorce handled with out representation it's this...ALWAYS HIRE A LAWYER! Kelsey and Megan worked very hard for me. not only in handling all the paperwork, court appearances and soul sucking necessity that divorce requires but they managed to kept me at ease throughout the whole process. As of today I'm officially divorced and without Kelsey, Megan and the whole Colorado Legal Group I'd probably still be filling out confusing paperwork, pulling my hair out over how confusing it is and fighting with my ex over little things that just end up causing resentment and anger. If you need help, especially with divorce. Believe me its worth every penny!
Nate Hinchberger Avatar
Nate Hinchberger
Kelsey and the whole team at the Colorado Legal Group were amazing and so supportive through a stressful and emotional time. They are true professionals that have your best interest in mind from start to finish. I highly recommend using Kelsey and her team for your legal matters.
Melissa Carrera Avatar
Melissa Carrera
I decided to use Colorado Legal group and specifically Kelsey in order to gain custody of my niece and nephew. Trying to gain custody of a loved one who isn't your child isn't easy. There were lots of steps along the way. Kelsey and Megan were extremely helpful in guiding us through the process. I had spoken to several firms prior and just felt so comfortable the minute I spoke to Kelsey. She is warm, welcoming but firm when she needed to be. Everything went smooth and as explained. They were prompt in getting back to me whenever I had questions. I never received unexpected charges. If you are looking for a family attorney, she is great and the team as well. Thanks so much for all of your help!!
Michelle Slump Avatar
Michelle Slump
My wife and I filed jointly, and it truly was amicable. Joe and Melinda handled our case professionally and with compassion. They listened and went out of their way to make sure the level of communication with my wife was clear, respectful and inclusive. Understanding they had an obligation to me as I paid for and was technically their client, they balanced this skillfully with my wishes to be open and honest with my wife about everything. I would highly recommend Colorado Legal group, but in particular Joe Cash (Lawyer) and Melinda Rivas (Paralegal) they really are the best. I'm certain whatever your situation you will get the very best representation.
Jnnyrotten Avatar
It is never a pleasant experience to go through family court, and unfortunately I have worked with several attorneys. Joseph and Melinda stand out as very professional, diligent, and dedicated to provide the best outcome for you. I definitely recommend them in a complicated case when the other party is ruthless and dishonest.
Andrey Sobol Avatar
Andrey Sobol
I was referred to Paige to help me with my divorce by a friend who is also a lawyer. Paige and Roberta exceeded every expectation. They were professional, on time, consulted me, were concerned about what was best for me, advocated for me, took time to explain the process and hearings to me, very responsive to my calls and emails. Paige was diligent, honest and upfront with possible and likely outcomes. I appreciated her honesty and compassion. Just as Paige was recommended to me, I would highly recommend Paige to anyone seeking a divorce attorney.
Anth Baros Avatar
Anth Baros
Transformational experiences come during hard times such as divorce. Thank goodness I had Hannah and Roberta to guide me through the process of divorcing. They are professional and stellar in their fields and personally they helped me be true to myself and my son. If you are searching for authenticity, expert legal advice and a personal connection, Colorado Legal Group is for you. Divorce is not about being right or wrong, it’s about growing and moving on. With Hannah and Roberta on my side, I have grown and I am able to move on. Thank you both!!!
Teresa Freudig Avatar
Teresa Freudig
I hired Paige after consultations with three other lawyers. I chose her because she was straightforward and caring at the same time. She's extremely thorough and answered all of my questions, plus advised me on topics I didn't even think of. I can't thank her enough!
Ben Laca Avatar
Ben Laca
I am proud to have Melinda and Joe representing me. Honestly, I was a little tough at the beginning. I am in their debt, they stuck it out with the rest of the team, and I am truly grateful. I really do appreciate everyone's time. As I started out, the only few places I could find whom would give profiles explaining why and where they came from. Why they are there. They will take care of you too. Just give them a chance, be honest, and be patient. It is well worth it!
D Barbosa Avatar
D Barbosa
Paige handled my lengthy, difficult and unusual case with amazing skill and compassion and got excellent results. I’m forever grateful for her!
Sarah Petros Avatar
Sarah Petros