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Client Reviews

Many say they are the best but very few can actually deliver on that promise. This is why we are transparent with our reviews and let the people we have represented, represent us.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sara and Megan were so great, worth every penny! I am so glad they represented me, I couldn’t have asked for better. If I ever need a lawyer in the future, they are who I’m calling. Thanks again!!
Melissa Torres Avatar
Melissa Torres
Kelsey Berkeley did a wonderful job for me with my divorce I have no idea what I would have done with out her
Juan Ruiz Avatar
Juan Ruiz
Getting divorced was the most difficult thing I ever had to endure. Luckily I had a good team to help me navigate through. Kristi and Laura helped make the ordeal manageable. They were nothing short of compassionate, professional, and efficient. I could not recommend this group enough. Thank you again for all your help.
Rachelle Raymundo Avatar
Rachelle Raymundo
Richard Rabb Avatar
Richard Rabb
Kevin Weber Avatar
Kevin Weber
Joe was the best to work with. Very straight forward and did an awesome job
Cole Glover Avatar
Cole Glover
Hannah Clark, Roberta Reyes and the rest CLG team were amazing. They walked me through every step of an extremely painful custody case with support, compassion and encouragement. Hannah was a freaking hawk! Whether in mediation or trial, she was sharp, assertive and impressively brilliant. I really felt like Hannah and Roberta had a personal stake in my case. I pray you never find yourself in my situation, but if you do, please hire Hannah to have your back. It was worth every single penny.
Aaron Howell Avatar
Aaron Howell
shawna Amit Avatar
shawna Amit
Danielle Todd and Caroline Holmes are a great team. It was a pleasure working with them both. I couldn’t have obtained better legal counsel than Caroline. From our first meeting, it was evident that she’s super smart and knows the law. But as important, she gets the human element of divorce, and manages that part of the process very effectively. I wasn’t the easiest client. I found the divorce process frustrating, and reluctantly admit that it showed with my attitude. Caroline was always a true professional and negotiated a very favorable settlement for me. Caroline’s commitment and excellent work will positively serve my family and me for years to come.
Tony Lucero Avatar
Tony Lucero
Samer was my attorney for my divorce. He brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my case. I was happy with all of the work that Samer and Alexis did for me and I am glad that I went with them for my divorce.
Thomas McClure Avatar
Thomas McClure
I was very delighted with the expertise and experience of Sara and Megan on my case. Colorado Legal Group was great to work with and very professional.
Bryan Johnson Avatar
Bryan Johnson
My lawyer was Kelsey Berkley. Her and her paralegal Deana were always very responsive and knowledgeable. Kelsey helped me get through my divorce which was challenging at times and I always felt like she had my back. I'm so glad I was assigned to Kelsey and her team! Thank you guys!
pepavargas Avatar
Samir and his team at Colorado Legal Group went above and beyond as I went through the divorce process. Samir was not only knowledgable and professional but was kind and sensitive to me as I navigated a very difficult and painful situation. Samir made the process so simple and easy to follow, which alleviated so much of my stress and concerns. I highly recommend Colorado Legal Group and am so thankful for their service and support!
Logan Haynsworth Avatar
Logan Haynsworth
Joe Cash was an excellent attorney. He fought hard for my case and was great at setting expectations and overall communication. I highly recommend Colorado Legal Group!
Adrian Dalmy Avatar
Adrian Dalmy
Samer Bandek was my lawyer for my case! I would 10/10 recommend him, he was diligent, knowledgeable, and was personable and made me feel comfortable through my case. It made the whole process easier having someone who cared about myself and my daughter through the case. God forbid I ever need his services again…Samer will be the man I go to for help Zach
Zac Davis Avatar
Zac Davis
Colorado Legal Group did an excellent job and really helped me through a trying time with a divorce. The entire office (MaryRose, Hana, and my lawyer, Hannah Clark) were all excellent and made the process easy to understand, easy to digest, and as painless as possible. I would highly suggest CLG for mediation and divorce related matters.
Calvin Ludwig Avatar
Calvin Ludwig
This was a rough and hard time in my life and Samer helped me out through the entire process. I am happy and relieved after this experience is done and have nothing but great things to say about Samer. He worked his butt off to get me through this and get everything I deserved from this divorce! I highly recommend Colorado Legal Group and Samer and his paralegal Alexis! Thank you again for everything!!
Joe Bohe Avatar
Joe Bohe
I'm going to attempt to make this short and sweet. Professionalism starts, and ends here. Samer was my attorney from Colorado Legal Group, and from the get go, he was on point to say the least. He answered most all of my questions without me having to ask them in our initial interview, where other attorneys I interviewed simply left it to me to ask all the questions. Samer took my personality into consideration when it came to direct communication throughout the case. I had a "difficult to say the least" now ex spouse who had an attorney that threw some things at us that left us scratching our heads a bit. It didn't matter, Samer and his staff stayed on course. He maintained even when he could tell I was starting to waver. HIs advice during all facets of the case was consistent and encompassed all possibilities so that a logical decision could be made for the best outcome for myself and children. Samer continued to seek what was fair in our situation, and fought with tact and candor beyond what many others likely would have done. Even other professionals that we encountered during the case remarked about Samer's outstanding demeanor and tenacity. I also have to give a monster thank you to the staff directly supporting Samer. There was consideration, and patience when it was clear I had never dealt with this type of situation before, and walked me through the particulars that needed completed. Samer and his staff always maintained an even keel demeanor during all of our interactions with opposing counsel, and never showed any frustration. My case turned out in a very positive way for me and my children in my opinion. I believe that would not have been the case had I chosen different counsel. So much for short and sweet... I made the right decision with Samer, and his staff at Colorado Legal Group. I can't thank them enough........
Terry Teske Avatar
Terry Teske
Paige Gleason and Roberta Reyes did an absolutely fantastic job helping a long a drawn out divorce. I was routinely kept informed of points of contention and what options were best available to help reach a settlement. They made a difficult process manageable and overall I am beyond satisfied with the outcome. Would highly recommend their services to anyone in the same situation.
Nick Avatar
Paige and Roberta are an absolute superstar team and willing to go after whatever you need in regards to your case! Their experience shines at every turn!! I cannot thank these two professionals enough!!
V J Avatar