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What Is a Litigated Divorce?

A litigated divorce typically involves each spouse retaining their own attorney, filing a case with the Court before any agreements are reached, and going through the standard steps of a divorce case as dictated by the court. A litigated divorce may or may not require formal discovery and the use of experts, which can be helpful to parties in seeking the truth. A litigated divorce may result in trial, with smaller hearings along the way, but settlement is almost always on the table.

While a litigated divorce can be the most expensive and time-consuming type of divorce, there are many times when it is truly the only good option for a client. The attorneys at Colorado Legal Group are trained for this type of divorce and will walk their client through this tough time and seek the maximum protections and benefits for him or her every step of the way.

Risks of Navigating Contested Divorce On Your Own

  1. Messing Up Paperwork: Divorce involves lots of forms. If you fill them out wrong or miss important info, your case could get delayed or face other complications.
  2. Giving Up Rights: Without a lawyer, you might not know what you’re entitled to. Your spouse could talk you into things that aren’t fair, like giving up custody of your kids without a fight due to misinformation.
  3. Losing Time with Kids: Your children are important, but in divorce, they can become part of the process. If you don’t follow the rules, you could end up losing time with them.
  4. Facing Unequal Fight: If your spouse has an attorney and you don’t, you’re at a disadvantage. They know the law better and might overpower you in court.
  5. Weak Agreements: Without legal help, you might agree to things that aren’t in your favor. Plus, if your ex doesn’t follow the rules, you might not know how to make them stick to the agreement.

Unmatched Representation in Colorado

Unlike what you see on television, great litigation attorneys do not shoot from the hip. Rather, it is most often the most prepared attorney who gets great results for their clients, and that preparation starts long before your attorney gets into the courtroom. Our attorneys strive to always be the most prepared attorneys in the courtroom. This is what we are known for in the legal community, and this is how we achieve great results in our clients’ cases.

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Pre-Trial Preparation

Before ever going to court, your attorney needs to understand the law that applies to your case. Most of the time, the law that applies is straightforward and already known to the attorneys. Sometimes, however, novel legal issues can arise and the attorneys will have to conduct extensive legal research to understand how the law applies to the particular facts in your case.

Another critical phase of pre-trial preparation is ensuring that witnesses that will be called to testify on your behalf (including you) are fully prepared, and that the attorney is fully prepared to cross examine any witnesses that will be called against you (mainly your spouse).

When it’s time for trial, our attorneys are always ready with the correct law and with fully prepared witnesses.
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Courtroom Mastery

When you actually get into court is when you will see your attorney’s true talent (or lack of talent) for the first time. This is why it is so important to hire a lawyer with trial experience if it seems likely that your case will go to trial. Conducting effective direct and cross examinations, handling evidence and objections, and effectively communicating how the law applies to the facts in your case are all talents a great trial lawyer must have. The attorneys at our firm have both the training and practical experience that can secure the results you need in your case.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a litigated Divorce?
A litigated divorce is a divorce that is started with no agreements as to the form or process of the proceedings. One party files a Petition that is served on the other party, who has thirty days to respond, and who often files a counter-petition. The parties then start the formal process of discovery and file any motions that need to be heard by the court. Even though a divorce may start as a litigated divorce, it is important to know that the vast majority of litigated divorces are nonetheless resolved through settlement.

Will I have to testify if my case goes to trial?
Remember that even if your case is in litigation, the case majority of cases end in settlement and do NOT go to trial. However, in divorce and family law, if your case does go to trial, it is almost a certainty that your lawyer will want you to testify.

Will my friends and family be called to testify at trial?
It is important to understand that real trials look nothing like what you see on t.v. Our lawyers focus on bringing all of the facts to court that are necessary for the judge to make the right ruling. That usually does NOT involve a lot of witnesses outside of the parties themselves. But sometime it is necessary to call witnesses like your friends, family members, and acquaintances testify. Sometimes it is also necessary to call outside experts to provide testimony in your case as well.

Will I get a jury trial for my case?
In Colorado, all divorce and family law trials are heard by judges. Colorado courts do not grant individuals the right to a jury in these types of cases.

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