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How Child Custody Works

In Colorado, custody of the children consists of two parts: decision-making ability and parenting time. Decision-making refers to which parent has the right to make major decisions in the lives of their children. Colorado courts like to see the parents share joint decision-making for their children, although this is not appropriate in all cases. Joint decision-making would mean that parents have to agree on major decisions as related to the children’s education, healthcare, and other major aspects of their lives. Joint decision-making arrangements require a collaborative effort between the parents. Decision-making is determined on a case by case basis, and in some situations the court may award one parent sole decision-making for the children.

How Child Support Works

Colorado parents have the option of reaching a child support agreement on their own or to have it decided by the court. Child support obligations are based on both parents’ incomes, certain expenses that are paid for the benefit of the children, and the number of overnights that each parent enjoys. Child support is designed to assist the receiving party in covering the children’s reasonable needs.

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