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Denver Divorce Attorney

All Denver Divorce Attorneys Are Not Created Equal

It may be well-intentioned that finding a Denver divorce attorney on Google or through a friend will help you win your divorce case, that may not be true.

You might think that you can just type in a Google search for a “Denver divorce attorney” and any firm or attorney that pops up will be able to represent you just fine in your divorce case. It also happens frequently in divorce cases that a friend or relative refers you to a particular lawyer that they may have had success with in their own case.

While this may be well-intentioned, it can often result in disastrous consequences for your divorce, because all divorce attorneys in Denver do not have the same skills. Some people have already made the painful discovery that all Denver divorce attorneys are simply not created equal. Here’s why it’s just not a good approach to settle for the first attorney you consult with but to talk to several before choosing one.

Different Lawyers, Different Skillsets

There are several different types of divorce, each of which calls for a different skillset from your attorney. Uncontested divorces can often be handled largely by the two parties themselves, with some assistance from legal counsel, especially in preparing and filing the final document. Collaborative divorces involve a special process in which each party has an attorney, and the parties agree to a specific process in which their entire case takes place outside of the courtroom.

Mediated divorces, on the other hand, need to be handled by a lawyer skilled in the art of mediation and negotiation to help the two parties reach common ground and ultimately an agreeable settlement. Litigated divorces call for an attorney who is skilled at representing you in a courtroom setting and working on your behalf to secure the most favorable results. Many divorce lawyers do have skills in one or the other of these kinds of cases but may be less proficient in handling another kind of proceeding. That is why all divorce lawyers are not created equal, and it’s why you need to find the right lawyer for your type of case.

Denver Divorce Attorneys

Contact us at the Colorado Legal Group so we can discuss with you the specific details of your case. We can let you know which of the four types of divorces would best fit your circumstances, and if we can help you pursue a successful conclusion, we’ll be glad to do that.