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How Long Does Alimony Last
How Long Does Alimony Last?

Where appropriate, alimony or “spousal maintenance” is paid by a higher-income-earning spouse to the other spouse during and/or after a legal separation or divorce in Colorado. This support…

is alimony taxable
Is Alimony Taxable?

When alimony is discussed by separating couples in Colorado, the tax implications may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, whether alimony is taxable for…

What is the Average Divorce Cost?
What is the Average Divorce Cost?

Most people who go through a divorce in Colorado know that there are substantial costs associated with the process but some are surprised by how much the fees mount up.

How is Alimony Calculated
How is Alimony Calculated?

Alimony is more commonly termed “spousal maintenance” in Colorado. It is the money that can be awarded to one of the spouses in a legal separation or divorce…