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How to Control Discovery Costs in Divorce

If you are facing a divorce in Colorado, you are probably concerned with how much it will cost you.

We know that divorce is an emotional process, and we would like to make it as smooth as possible. That being said, it is important to talk about the discovery in divorce cases. Discovery is the formal process that attorneys and clients use to gather information in their divorce cases. It is necessary, but it is also one of the most abused and costly things you can do in your divorce case. Here are two tips on how to keep those costs down.

Gather as much of your own information in your divorce as possible

The first tip, go out and get whatever necessary information you can on your own. If there are bank statements and investment statements, you can get those. You don’t need your attorney to do that, and it is beneficial to you to have the information. When you provide information to your attorney, do it in a way that is organized. This eliminates the need for your attorney or their staff spending a lot of time going through the information to organize it. You will be billed for their time, so do as much as you can to keep your costs down.

Discuss what information you need BEFORE your attorney sends out discovery

Secondly, before your own divorce lawyer sends out a discovery request to the other side, discuss what is necessary in the case. Some information may not be important and not needed. Discovery requests are done in two ways. The first is interrogatories, those are written questions, and the other is a request for production of documents. Many lawyers send out discovery requests asking for things that you will never need in a million years for your case. Do not let yourself be one of those people who spends a lot of money unnecessarily in the divorce process.

We know that dealing with divorce can be difficult, and we would like to help make the process a little easier on you. If you are in need of a divorce and family law lawyer in Colorado who will help you control your discovery costs, contact us today.