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Denver Attorney Lauren Shepherd

Settlement Success with Lauren Shepherd

Lauren Shepherd has mastered the art of settling cases without going to trial. She keeps her clients happy and helps them avoid the stress associated with a trial.

Since joining the Colorado Legal Group in 2019, Lauren Shepherd has become a master of settlement. We sat down to talk with Lauren about her strategy and how she has achieved a settlement success rate of 90-95% of her cases, allowing her clients to avoid the drama of going to trial. It is well known that trial is one of the most expensive and stressful aspects of a divorce. Settlement is reached when both parties can come up with an appropriate and equitable agreement without going to trial. Colorado Legal Group strives to provide our clients with a divorce without the drama. Lauren exemplifies this concept with her unique approach to cases.

How do you approach your cases?

“I feel like a lot of people going through divorce or child custody issues want to hire the bulldog attorney – someone who will fight to the death and get you everything you want. But the reality is that while this sort of approach may feel good in the moment, it ultimately will cause only feelings of disappointment, very high legal fees, and lots of conflict and stress. The only person who benefits from an approach like this is the attorney – the more conflict in a case, the higher the billable hours and more profit for the attorney and the firm. I have found that people who pursue this path tend to come back year after year to fight the next issue in Court, and they are filled with bitterness and resentment which makes it impossible to move forward and find peace and happiness in their own lives.”

What is your role in a case as the attorney?

“My role as an attorney is to try my best to decrease conflict and help parties work together so that they can ultimately resolve the issues efficiently and fairly. I try to tailor my approach in each case to focus on what is most important to my client while being creative to come up with solutions and compromises that will work for the parties moving forward. As much as I enjoy working with my clients, I know I have done my job well when they never return to the firm to re-hire me and instead reach out to tell me how great the next chapter of their lives is going.”

Is settling the best option?

“Sometimes going to Court is the only option to get a fair result – but in most cases, I truly believe it is best for all parties to work together to reach an agreement without the conflict and stress so that they can each move forward with their lives.”


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