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How Is Alimony Calculated in Colorado?

There is not a set approach for determining alimony in Colorado. There are alimony guidelines that attorneys and judges refer to when determining alimony but they are not binding on the Court. The Court will also look at a variety of factors that are codified in the statutes governing divorce and alimony in Colorado. Those factors include things like the ability of the parties to be self sufficient, the length of the marriage, and the lifestyle of the parties during marriage.

The parties can always agree on an amount and during for alimony. Short of that, the Court, if appropriate, will order and amount of alimony and a duration for payment, which is always subject to modification if there is a material change of circumstances in the case.

Hiring a Colorado Alimony Attorney

To help our clients navigate their cases, early on we get an accurate picture of their income and their expenses to determine what those numbers are going to look like after their divorce. In addition, we review the other party’s ability to pay. This helps us successfully resolve disputes and set expectations.

The lawyer you select can affect the rest of your life. Colorado Legal Group’s team of Denver divorce lawyers and family law attorneys are highly skilled in developing a strategy that will get you through your case in the best way possible; with the best outcomes, lowest cost, and least amount of emotional stress. Let us guide you through a divorce without the drama, without costing you a fortune, and without ruining your family.

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