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What Is the Divorce Process in Colorado?

The divorce process can vary from county to county in Colorado. As a general rule parties can expect the following:

  1. The case begins with the filing of a petition or co-petition
  2. An answer to the petition is filed;
  3. The court orders or the parties agree to an initial case management plan
  4. The parties begin working to resolve custody issues, sometimes using a *parental investigator or evaluator
  5. The parties engage in discovery (a formal exchange of documents and information)
  6. The parties attempt to settle the case through mediation
  7. If mediation fails, the parties have a trial on all outstanding issues

Hiring a Colorado Divorce Attorney

The lawyer you select can affect the rest of your life. Colorado Legal Group’s team of Denver divorce lawyers and family law attorneys are highly skilled in developing a strategy that will get you through your case in the best way possible; with the best outcomes, lowest cost, and least amount of emotional stress. Let us guide you through a divorce without the drama, without costing you a fortune, and without ruining your family.

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