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How long does it take to get a divorce in Colorado?

How long a divorce takes in Colorado depends a lot on the parties and what approach they take to the divorce process. Mediated divorces and uncontested divorces can take as little as 30 days. Litigated divorces can often extend beyond twelve months in highly contested matters. Colorado has a 91 day waiting period for the granting of a divorce, so regardless of how quickly the parties can resolve their issues, the divorce will not be finalized prior to the expiration of this waiting period.

How Do I Get a Divorce?

To start; take control by educating yourself about all of your options, understanding which of them are going to be the best fit for your situation, and then – and only then – hiring a lawyer. Some of your options include uncontested divorce, mediated divorce, collaborative divorce and litigation. Once you understand which might be the best type of divorce for you, you can then begin discussing the process with your potential lawyer. It is important to find an attorney who understands and has experience with all of these options.

Hiring a Colorado Divorce Attorney

The lawyer you select can affect the rest of your life. Colorado Legal Group’s team of Denver divorce lawyers and family law attorneys are highly skilled in developing a strategy that will get you through your case in the best way possible; with the best outcomes, lowest cost, and least amount of emotional stress. Let us guide you through a divorce without the drama, without costing you a fortune, and without ruining your family. Submit a free case evaluation today or call us at (720) 594-7360.

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