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Divorce Support Groups – Finding the Right One

Going through a divorce can be mentally and emotionally draining. A divorce support group can help you get through the divorce process.

Going through a divorce can be emotionally and mentally challenging. While you might feel alone, there are others who are going through a divorce and experiencing similar emotions and difficulties. Support from friends and family can be helpful, but a divorce support group can also be helpful and offer you support from a different perspective. There may be details of your relationship you feel uncomfortable sharing with your friends and family, or they may be unable to relate to the situation you are going through. The healing process does not have a one size fits all solution. It is unique to the individual; however, divorce support groups can help you heal from any divorce devastation you may be experiencing.

What is a Divorce Support Group?

A divorce support group is a group of individuals that are all going through a divorce who meet regularly to share their stories and provide support to those within the group. Being able to share your story and to hear stories from people that are going through the same challenges can be very beneficial. It is always nice to know that you are not alone.

How Do I Know Which Group is Right for Me?

When looking for a divorce support group, ask yourself, “What type of group would be most beneficial to my healing process?” Joining a divorce support group should be something that you do willingly to get the most out of it. Think about what is important to you in a divorce support group. Are you looking for a group that is more informational, a group that shares personal stories, a group of women going through a divorce, a group of men going through a divorce, or a faith-based group?  The list goes on. There are many different types of support groups out there. Take the time to be selective.

Picking a support group based on your needs will not only help you gain support and insight, but it will also help you provide it. If you have children, finding a support group with other divorced parents can be helpful when dealing with any parenting issues that may arise from the divorce. It is normal to feel guilty for divorcing your spouse and changing the dynamic of your household, but ultimately, a toxic household is not healthy for anyone. Being able to talk with other parents can help relieve some of the guilt and even provide you with guidance in certain situations.

Here are a few local support groups worth checking out:



Does Joining a Support Group Cost?

Many divorce support groups are free. If a divorce group does charge, they typically offer a free trial so you can decide if that group is right for you.

The Benefits of Joining a Divorce Support Group

Any individual going through a divorce can benefit from joining a divorce support group. Divorce is a major life change and can even be devastating for some people. Being in the right support group can be part of a solid support system for you if you allow it. That is why finding the right support group is crucial. There may be things you need to discuss that you do not feel comfortable sharing with your friends and family. A divorce support group is meant to be a safe space where you can share your stories and work through your emotions alongside others sharing similar experiences. Having the opportunity to share your stories and be supported by people that can relate to you is a great outlet for any negative feelings you might be experiencing during this time.

There are many different divorce support groups out there. If a certain support group is not the right fit for you, there is no commitment. You are free to try different support groups until you find the one that best meets your needs.

Is Joining a Support Group Right for Me?

Joining a divorce support group can be beneficial, but it is not for everyone. Having the support of your friends and family can be a solid source of support and may be all you need. Whether you have a strong support system in your friends and family or not, you can still reap the benefits of being part of a divorce support group. Just like many other things in life, you get out what you put in. Find a group that works with your schedule so you can attend sessions regularly. In-person groups are great, but there are also a variety of online groups and forums you can be part of.

If you decide joining a divorce support group is right for you, set yourself up for success. Know what your expectations are. What are you hoping to get out of joining a support group? Find a group that is most applicable to you. Show up with an open mind and prepare to be vulnerable. It can be uncomfortable sharing personal experiences with other people, whether you have known them your entire life or just met them. At the same time, it can be liberating and eye-opening.

Divorce support groups are unique. The members in your support group can truly provide you with an outsider’s point of view, while also being understanding of the situation you are in. Remember, everyone is there for the same reason, to find healing together…